Monday, June 6, 2011

Product Spotlight: FX 3 Series Overview

The FX 3 series was released by Vy-Tek in 2009. The FX line is one of the best-selling medium-sized format laser systems available. The FX 3 comes in three standard sizes with a range of working areas beginning at 2’ x 3’ (610 mm x 910 mm).

Our FX 3 series systems are gantry-based XY systems that use a flying optic beam to deliver ultra-light gantry designs. The system allows for high accelerations and high positional accuracy to exist simultaneously.
The FX 3 has precision polyurethane steel-reinforced belts that both drive the X and Y axes, with the Z axis moving up and down to a fixed head assembly. Our multi-deck Z axis (table system) integrates the engraving deck, the slat bar cutting surface and more. In addition, our FX 3 systems include a unique cutting head attachment that allows for a cutting nozzle and several choices of focal lengths. 

Our FX 3 series systems are some of the best-selling medium-sized laser systems available through Vy-Tek and elsewhere. To learn more, contact us, and visit our product information pages to learn more about other Vy-Tek products.

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